Pegasus Design System Pro - Adobe XD

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Pegasus Design System Pro - Adobe XD

Pegasus Design
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Design at Speed & Scale.

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Pegasus Design System - XD  

By popular demand, we have released Pegasus Design System for Adobe XD. The XD version is an adaptation of our popular Figma Design System (V.1.0) and will contain some differences in functionality due to the nature of Figma/XD. For example: Auto-layout & Variants functionalities. 

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About Pegasus Design System

This comprehensively, clean, and flexible design system will reduce hours of time wasted wire-framing. This toolkit will increase cohesion, collaboration, and focus your creativity where it matters. Take flight with Pegasus by increasing productivity and best practices across all your projects today.

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Pegasus Design Team

Leaning into extensive product design experience and collaborating with the design community's user feedback, the Pegasus team wanted to provide a UI toolkit that makes practical sense with core and unique components that will unleash your vision on every project you serve.

When a group of UI/UX/Product Design Leaders come together to collaborate and provide a powerful solution, you get Pegasus Design System Pro!


  • 2000+ Pattern States

  • 50+ Character Styles

  • 48+ Colors

  • 330+ Royalty-Free Original Icons

  • Dark/Light Themes

  • Customizable for your brand colors/fonts etc.

  • Various Sized Components

  • Full-Form Building Buttons, Text, and Custom Inputs

  • Desktop, Mobile Web, and Native Patterns

  • Responsive, Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Patterns

  • Base8 Sized for Pixel Perfect App Designs

  • Design Best Practices


  • Colors, Typography

  • Styles, Effects

  • Full royalty-free Icon set

  • Spacing, Photography


  • Buttons, Text Inputs, Checkboxes, Radios, Checkboxes, Toggles, Sliders, Increment Stepper, Tabs

  • Full Data Visualization: Charts, Graphs, Lists, and Tables

  • Pagination, Progress Indicator, Avatars, Badges, Dropdown's

  • Accordions, Toast, Tooltips, Modals

  • And so much more!

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Get in now to enjoy the latest and upcoming features coming soon...

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