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What is LowFlow Pro?

Visually communicate with your Clients, Project Managers, Engineers, or other cross-functional partners with your interface design. Use this tool as a User journey map! Go Low Flow and save precious time before investing countless hours towards hi-fi solutions.

Want Hi-fidelity? Check out Pegasus Design System Pro.


  • Dark/Light mode with Variables
  • 50+ Components
  • 50+ Desktop/Mobile Stickers
  • Annotation Components
  • Flow Connectors
  • Royalty-Free Original Icons
  • Variant and Auto-layout V 3.0
  • Design Best Practices

Assemble low-fidelity UX product prototypes.

Low-fidelity prototypes, in particular, are rough representations of concepts that help us to validate product ideas early in the design process. We will look at some of the features that make low-fidelity prototyping a unique tool to radically improve your design work flow and how to build an environment in which users’ needs can be truly realized.

Give stakeholders a concept they can get behind

Have you spent too many hours fine-tuning every detail of a project just to find that stakeholders or customers didn’t understand or want the features you spent days crafting on?

With a low-fidelity prototype design system, you can fly through trivial specifications to discover the project ideas that truly matter. You can build concepts to run through usability testing and gain early insights into what your users really want.

Unlock your UX Research team’s productivity

We built LowFlow to fill the gap between basic UX surveys or creator's concepts and the high-fidelity designs that can take more time. More quickly validate if the idea is correct. With LowFlow you will be able to take your UX/Figma skills to the next level! Get ready to start building better understood and consistent product concepts, sitemaps, user flows, and journeys.

Unlock your or your team’s productivity and build low-fidelity wireframes fast so you can gain signals from your target market and learn faster.

Why LowFlow?

Existing low fi solutions like Balsamiq usually don’t communicate the design direction as well to visually focused stakeholders, clients, and team members. By using Pegasus LowFlow, you can make your custom-looking wire-framing kit that you can be proud to show stakeholders, clients and other teams to get buy-in on high-level layout and placement of elements.

Replace with Pegasus Design System

Where Pegasus LowFlow truly shines is the ability to also take the components that are the exact same sizes as the high fidelity design system, and be able to precisely translate a low-fidelity layout into a high-fidelity mock-up all with Pegasus.

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Pegasus Design Team

Leaning into extensive product design experience and collaborating with the design community's user feedback, the Pegasus team wanted to provide a Design Product tools that makes practical sense with core and unique solutions that will unleash your vision on every project you serve.

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Pegasus LowFlow - Figma

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